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  • Aventon Aventure 2 – Colbalt Blue


    The Aventon Aventure.2 is a powerful fat tire eBike designed for off-road adventures, featuring a throttle, torque sensor, and a long-range removable battery.

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  • Aventon Level.2 Blue Large Step Over

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  • Big Sur 20″


    The Big Sur sports 20″ x 4″ fat tires by AIMA is torque sensored enabled. It comes with additional safety features, including big 203mm brake rotors, LG 21700 battery cells, and a full UL2849 certification.

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    Big Sur 26″


    The AIMA Big Sur: A powerful, safe, and comfortable 26″ fat tire e-bike for all terrains, with speeds up to 28mph.

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  • ENGWE PRO Black


    The Engwe Pro Plus is a powerful, portable electric folding bike with a 750W motor, long-range battery, and full suspension for any terrain.

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  • Favorite eBikes Hybrid Grey


    The Favorite Hybrid Bike is a versatile, lightweight e-bike with dual off-road/commute modes, responsive handling, long range, and advanced features for any ride.

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  • RadCity 5 Plus


    The RadCity 5 Plus makes every trip into a town a joy ride. Hydraulic disc brakes and a 750W geared hub motor help you conquer hills without breaking a sweat, while a semi-integrated battery makes recharging and storing your battery a breeze.

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  • RadExpand 5


    Explore with the Rad Power RadExpand 5, the versatile electric folding bike designed for the adventurer in you.

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  • Vanpowers Urban Glide Ultra: 500W Mid-Drive eBike designed for street and trail riding. Features include a powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and comfortable ride. Perfect for commuters and adventurers alike.

    Vanpowers Urban Glide Ultra Red


    The Vanpowers Urban Glide Ultra eBike is a premium electric bike designed for urban and trail riding. Equipped with a 500W mid-drive motor with torque sensor and capable of up t0 60 miles on a single charge.


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