RadCity 5 Plus


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The RadCity 5 Plus makes every trip into a town a joy ride. Hydraulic disc brakes and a 750W geared hub motor help you conquer hills without breaking a sweat, while a semi-integrated battery makes recharging and storing your battery a breeze.


The RadCity 5 Plus is a premier electric commuter bike designed to revolutionize your daily rides. Built with quality components and innovative features, this e-bike offers a perfect blend of power, comfort, and style.

What makes the RadCity 5 Plus unique:

  1. Semi-integrated battery: The sleek, semi-integrated battery is designed to provide a low center of gravity for improved stability and handling while maintaining a clean, streamlined look.
  2. Hydraulic disc brakes: The RadCity 5 Plus features high-performance hydraulic disc brakes, offering superior stopping power and precise speed control in various weather conditions.
  3. Custom geared hub motor: The custom 750W geared hub motor is specifically engineered to provide smooth, quiet, and efficient power delivery, making it ideal for navigating city streets and hills.
  4. Upgraded display: The new, large LCD display is easy to read and provides essential information like speed, battery level, and pedal assist level, along with a convenient USB charging port.

Most important features:

  1. Powerful motor: With a 750W geared hub motor, the RadCity 5 Plus offers strong and reliable performance, allowing you to tackle hills and long commutes with ease.
  2. Long-range battery: The high-capacity 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery provides a range of up to 50+ miles on a single charge, depending on factors like terrain, rider weight, and pedal assist level.
  3. Comfortable ride: The RadCity 5 Plus features a lightweight aluminum frame, an adjustable suspension fork, and ergonomic grips, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on various surfaces.
  4. Puncture-resistant tires: The e-bike comes with 27.5″ x 2.0″ puncture-resistant tires, offering excellent traction and stability on city streets and light trails.
  5. Versatile accessories: The RadCity 5 Plus is compatible with a wide range of accessories, such as fenders, racks, and baskets, allowing you to customize your ride according to your needs and preferences.

The RadCity 5 Plus is the ultimate electric commuter bike for riders who demand the best in terms of performance, comfort, and style. With its powerful motor, long-range battery, and premium components, this e-bike is designed to elevate your daily commute and make every ride a joy.


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