Piedmont eBikes Founder

A Word from Frank, Piedmont eBikes Founder/Owner

Piedmont eBikes Founder

Piedmont eBikes is an adventure of a lifetime for my wife Johanna and me. Our journey started when we met in Winston-Salem 40 years ago. Although we have moved to many different states while working with a variety of wireless and tech jobs, one thing was always certain: we would find our way back to North Carolina.

During these years, I have remained passionate about anything active and mobile outside, particularly cycling and running. Having completed seven marathons from San Diego to Chicago to Charlotte and places in between, my body has endured more than 3,500 miles running. Running took a toll on my body which resulted in both hips replaced and knee surgery. I really wanted to continue being active without doing more damage to my body, so I decided to cycle more. Dancing with Stars was out of the question. enthusiastically believe for anyone searching for a healthy, active and mindful lifestyle, an electric bike is the choice!

Having ridden hundreds of eBikes over the past 4 years, I realized that riding an electric bike is such an incredible experience that has to be shared with everyone, so our mission now is to make electric bikes accessible to more people. We provide test rides daily so riders can test multiple eBikes. Helping others find a highly enjoyable and healthy lifestyle while doing good by our planet is a worthwhile cause.

To that end, we are extending additional benefits to our Piedmont eBikes Riders and friends that we will share in the coming weeks.

Happy Trails – Frank (Piedmont eBikes Founder)

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