Velotric Nomad 1 Step Thru Indigo Grey



The Velotric Nomad 1 was made to carry you through any weather and across all terrains. It’s our most versatile and powerful ebike yet, with a 750W highperformance motor (peak 1200W) and a 75Nm torque.


The Velotric Nomad 1 is a rugged and versatile electric fat tire bike designed for off-road adventures and all-terrain riding. This e-bike is built to handle the toughest conditions while providing riders with a comfortable, stable, and enjoyable experience.

One of the key features that sets the Velotric Nomad 1 apart is its powerful 750W (peak 1200W) rear hub motor. This high-performance motor offers strong acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities, allowing riders to tackle even the most challenging terrains with ease. The motor is paired with a large-capacity 48V, 14.4Ah lithium-ion battery that provides an impressive range of up to 55+ miles on a single charge, depending on factors such as terrain, rider weight, and pedal assist level.

The Nomad 1 features a durable and lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy frame, designed to withstand the rigors of off-road riding. The frame geometry ensures a comfortable and upright riding position, reducing fatigue and strain during long rides.

Other notable features include:

  1. Massive 26″ x 4″ puncture-resistant fat tires for superior traction and stability
  2. Front suspension fork with lockout and preload adjustment for a smooth ride
  3. Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable and powerful stopping in all weather conditions
  4. 7-speed Shimano drivetrain for smooth and efficient pedaling
  5. Large, easy-to-read LCD display for convenient access to ride data and settings
  6. Integrated LED headlight and taillight for enhanced visibility and safety
  7. Sturdy rear rack for cargo carrying capacity up to 55 lbs (25 kg)

The Velotric Nomad 1 is the perfect choice for adventurers, off-road enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a reliable, high-performance electric fat tire bike. With its powerful motor, long-range battery, and rugged design, this e-bike is ready to take on any challenge and help you explore the great outdoors like never before.


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