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eBike Maintenance

We service our customer's electric bikes at $85 per hour and perform all warranty work for Piedmont eBikes customers. We also can customize a service package for ongoing maintenance on your eBike.

About Our Services:

Piedmont eBikes recommends and provides a complimentary service check-up at 150 miles or three months of ownership.

  • Wheel and tire check
  • Check any mounting parts/bolts/nuts and tighten if necessary
  • Check brake pads for wear and tear, adjust cable tension, and check brake functioning
  • Check the bearing head for play, check stem mounting, and adjust if necessary
  • Clean the chain, tighten it, and lubricate
  • Check if everything works properly
  • Derailleur: Check if all the gears run smoothly and adjust if necessary
  • Diagnostic check on battery and drive system

Note: Maintenance is recommended always before the start of the cycling season or if a long bike ride is planned. Scheduling in late winter will ensure faster turnaround.