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Electric Bikes FAQs

On its most basic level, an electric bike is a bicycle with the added assist of a small electric motor that helps you travel up hills and to ride farther, faster and longer. Style, components and functional design of eBikes can address urban, trail, and off-road use cases. Pedal assisted, a critical function for eBike, means you must pedal to gain assistance. This pedal assistance differentiates eBikes from mopeds or electric scooters. eBikes are also known as a “Pedelec,” which is a shorthand for pedal-assisted electric bike. Throttle-only vehicles are not considered eBikes and are more appropriately defined as a moped. Some models can be classified as hybrid when they are designed for multiple riding conditions. Different types of eBikes include road, mountain, hybrid (touring/commuting), gravel, folding and cargo with 1-3 eBike classification.