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How to Choose Your eBike

Electric bikes offer a whole new world to explore and love.

Whether you’re commuting across city blocks, peddling down to your neighborhood grocery store, or maneuvering across a rocky, mountainous landscape, there is an eBike suited for you. Different lifestyles come with different eBike styles. You deserve to be able to explore nearby areas, ride with your kids in a new and fun way, and get the exercise you want in an easy, yet fulfilling way.

Your eBike will deliver the right amount of assistance from the drive system motor, smartly sensing your effort, torque, and speed which will deliver a seemingly natural ride, assist, and feel. Think of a gentle push or wind at your back with hills flattening out. And for an extra work-out, you can dial in an unassisted or limited assist mode.

Mountain or eMTB

Hills don’t have a chance. eMTBs are becoming the most popular style of eBike, offering capabilities to serve multiple uses with comfort. Most mountain eBikes come with full suspension, enabling comfort and stability. The thicker knobby wheels offer safety and control for any terrain. They are great for forest trails, state parks, hills, and mountain tracks, and for getting around town. Their use can be expanded with the addition of cargo racks, mud guards, and lights.

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Commuter & Urban eBikes

From home to work and all stops in between

Looking to substitute your car for your daily commute? Want a fun way to haul groceries or transport the kids? Built with comfort and cargo in mind, commuter e-bikes are a great way to get where you need to go without breaking a sweat. Match your commuter setup to the myriad of accessories that meet your cargo carrying needs.

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Gravel eBikes

Tough enough for trails, gravel and in town

Gravel and all-road are terms used for this rapidly growing segment. These bikes have generous tire clearance and geometry that is more stable and forgiving than traditional road bikes. Gravel bikes were born out of the need to conquer challenging off-road terrain with stretches of nice roads in between. Racing on gravel roads took hold more than a decade ago and has been steadily gaining popularity.

One emerging trend is that people are getting two sets of wheels and tires – narrow, slick road tires for touring and commuting, and wider knobbier tires for gravel and some off road excursions. Some consider this the n+1 option or a hybrid bike.

Road eBikes

Built for the faster longer treks

Electric road bikes are great for pushing through long training rides, riding with faster groups, and getting a bit of boost up hills. And no, it's not cheating—it’s getting to do more of what you love while riding with those who may leave you behind. Road eBikes can also be used for commuting, courier service and some light off road activity if properly equipped.

Whether your goal is to ride longer distances, hang with a stronger riding partner, or to keep your recovery days fun, a Road eBike is a great option.

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Cargo eBikes

The SUV eBike for getting stuff done

The cargo electric bike is the ultimate utility machine with its incredible versatility for families as they rethink the notion of having more than one or two cars. While cargo bikes have been around for a long time, the original version requires significant effort to pedal. This has all changed with an electric drive assisting the rider to propel when heavily loaded.

Some predict in 5 - 7 years, many families will have 3 or 4 electric vehicles in a family with only one being a car. They come in all shapes, sizes, and load carrying capabilities. The convenience of making the school run to frequent in town shopping becomes a fun reality. Handling the big shop to riding with kids and pets doesn’t get any better than this. Think of the savings in both economic, physical, and ecological terms. Central to this proposition is an electric vehicle line-up in which a cargo eBike is a viable choice.

For business uses, the “last mile” quandary can be solved as hardened couriers and delivery services of all kinds realize the economics and convenience.

Folding eBikes

For easy traveling and storage, and a quite capable in town eBike

Electric folding bike that is perfect for those who want an ultra-compact bike with plenty of pedal assistance on hilly terrain. This is for space constrained homeowners, renters, or RV enthusiasts who want an easy to pack store eBike.

There are many choices and options when choosing the right eBike for you. Piedmont eBikes answers the bell to help navigate the choices. With new eBike options entering the market spanning mountain, commuter, road, touring, gravel cargo, and foldable, a Piedmont guide can help. We focused on simplifying this process by diligently and thoughtfully understanding your needs and matching you with an eBike. We do by comparing, testing, and curating the highest quality eBike brands available domestically and internationally. We are proud to be an authorized dealer for both US-based Cannondale, Spanish manufacturer Orbea, German engineered Haibike and Amsterdam-based QWIC. Our eBikes selection is powered by Bosch, Shimano, Brose , Yamaha and Mahle Ebikemotion drive systems. We will continue to evaluate other brands and welcome your feedback, but know we have a great selection to choose from today. In addition, Piedmont eBikes offers the best-in-class bike helmets and accessories including a Thule, ABUS Locks, Brooks Saddles, Selle Royal Seats, and many others. We have a wide variety of eBikes in stock that are ready for testing and delivery. Call today or visit our Winston Salem, NC showroom.


Piedmont eBikes range in price from $1,500 to more than $7,000. We carry brands from leading and emerging domestic and European bike manufacturers—names you’ll likely recognize as well as others that may be new to you. To help you get started, please browse our product and FAQ pages. Then let’s find out what kind of bike best fits your needs and lifestyle—and get you into a test ride. We’re ready and waiting for you.

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