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Why Piedmont eBikes

A Word from Frank, Piedmont eBikes Co-Founder

Piedmont eBikes is an adventure of a lifetime for my wife Johanna and me. Our journey started when we met in Winston-Salem. Although we have moved to many different states while working with a variety of wireless and tech jobs, one thing was always certain: we would find our way back to the Triad.

During these decades, I have remained passionate about anything active and mobile outside, particularly cycling and running. Having completed seven marathons from San Diego to Chicago to Charlotte and places in between, my body has endured more than 3,500 miles running. Running took a toll on my body which resulted in both my hips and my knee surgery. I really wanted to continue being active without causing more damage to my body, so I decided to cycle more. I believe for anyone searching for a healthy, active and mindful lifestyle, an eBike is the choice!

Having experienced multiple eBikes over the past year, I realized that riding an electric bike is such an incredible experience that has to be shared with everyone so our mission now is to make electric bikes accessible to more people. Providing multiple mobility solutions, helping create a highly enjoyable and healthy lifestyle while doing good by our planet is a worthwhile cause.

Our eBike Selection

A key part of this journey is to continue to explore and offer incredible eBikes. We curated and selected the highest quality electric bike brands from the US and Europe. These eBikes are proven to deliver the best in performance, quality, style while offering a safe eBike experience you will love. In short, we offer the best spec for the money at various price points. Moreover, to validate this claim we invite you to visit us and test multiple options.

We offer eBikes for any type of terrain and have a range of styles including mountain, commuter, road, gravel and cargo. We’ve partnered with brands that we know you will love, including Cannondale, Orbea, Moustache, Haibike, Diamondback, QWIC and others. From US based companies to Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands, we sought out and secured what we and the experts believe are some of the best in electric bikes.

Click, explore, visit and experience our Industry Hill location in Winston Salem. We welcome you to come and try out our variety of eBikes and help guide you in finding one that will truly give you an experience you love. We are located at the corner of 9th and North Trade Street, just a few blocks north of the Arts District where you can find several breweries, restaurants, and shops close by to make it a great time.

As Confucius said, “wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Piedmont eBikes says, “love where you’re going.”

Our Belief and Our Promise

An eBike is not just another set of wheels. It’s a feeling. The feeling of connection to the earth, the feeling of youth, the feeling of being in motion. For us, it is the feeling of love--pure, unselfish, unfettered. On a Piedmont eBike, you’ll love where you’re going.

Piedmont eBike guides, our team of sales and service people, are the most knowledgeable, highly certified eBike experts in the region. They have achieved the top certifications and achievements in sales and service with the brands and drive systems we represent.

For Piedmont eBikes, the process of choosing an eBike and educating our customers in how to use it well is more important than the sale. Our focus is on helping people navigate the choices, identify the eBike that fits them best, acquire and enjoy the best eBike experience possible. In similar fashion, we encourage our customers to test ride a variety of eBike styles and find one that fits them best.