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eBike FAQs

Once you get rolling, eBikes are fun and easy to ride but we know that you may have some questions along the way. The following are some of Piedmont eBikes most frequently asked questions. We would be delighted to answer your questions in more detail - just give us a call or stop by the shop!

eBike Basics and More

eBike age and licensing requirements vary by state, and locality, and the type of Ebike being operated. Best to check state regulation to determine landscape.

It is always, always advisable, and in most cases a requirement, to use helmets. State regulations may vary, and the class of eBike operated may dictate safety requirements.

First, always wear a helmet. There is no reason not to wear one as they have become lighter weight, more effective in sustain blows and you can choose from multiple styles. Next, do a simple ABC check – Check your tire air pressure, Second, test the brakes. Third, check your chains and crank. Give your bike a good shake to ensure everything is bolted on tight. Wear reflective clothing. Abide by traffic rules. Have a bell, mirror, lights and reflectors to alert others on the road. And carry a Multi Tool for adjustments.

What about Piedmont eBikes?

You may be surprised how quickly you can get around even compared to a car. With an eBike you can avoid traffic using bike routes, maintain a higher average speed than a conventional bike, and then park (for free) extremely close to where you are going.